Growing up,

I accepted what society gave me

I accepted that women should lean on men

It was normal seeing a man beat his wife

I thought that was sign of a strength

I accepted what I was told: that only men are intelligent

And that I had to stay at home and avoid academic disgrace

The sky was the limit for men,

and the house roof was the limit for women

A woman’s place was the kitchen and the other room

Men belonged in the public arena

Men were dominant

Those were the norms,

I accepted them.


Now I know

I should not have accepted what society said

I know women are abused psychologically and physically

I also know women can do what men can do

Women are intelligent just like men;

Providing education for all

From now onwards I will:

change my way of thinking

fight for my own entitlements

I refuse to be pulled down

I will take part in changing the world into a better place

I refuse to believe that my place is the home

I will be where I want to be

I will strive for excellence

Because I know I can.


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