The Impala

What is it in an Impala that triggers the most destructive urges in a lion?

Is it the helplessness?

Is the vulnerability?

Is it the powerlessness?

Or is it its futile efforts to escape the claws of death?


What is it?

If the Impala weren’t so helpless

…Say it stood its ground,

Would the lion pounce on it with such confidence and ferocity?

Or would turn away to look for a meek victim?


What is it about an Impala that induces the most sadistic urges in a lion?

Is it its fear that is revealed by its fleeing?


Is it the power it feels over the helpless vulnerable little Impala?

Does it feed off the Impala’s helplessness?


What pleasure does the lion gain from this cruel chase of an innocent animal?

What pleasure does the lion draw from the dominion it has over the Impala?


What is it in a helpless hopeless, defenseless Impala.

That excites the most ruthless impulses in a lion.

What is it in a child that makes a lion out of a human?

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