He’s no prince charming
He’s just a guy with an ugly heart
He’ll woo you in with his words
And you will be captured from the start
His eyes will draw you in
And from then there will be no turning back
Sooner or later you will find out
That you were only a puppet
In his sadistic plan.

He’s no hero
He’s only an unmasked villain
He’ll just get you drunk in love
Wind you up with passion
As he lets you dance to his music
It’s only when it’s over
That you realize that it was all just lies

He’s no promise for the future
He’s a by-product of the real thing
He’ll never get down on his knees
And give you a diamond ring
He won’t take you to the moon and back
So it’s best if you stopped being naive
He will treat you like he did the others
And throw you out like stale meat

He’s no knight in shining Armour
He’s just a villain in the story
He will take you in and spit you out
So escape from him while you still can
And get out of his poisonous trap
Or you’ll end up sad and vengeful like the others
Or You’ll end up as bad as me

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