stop violencestop violencestop violence

When I look around

Further not only to what is around

I see sad faces

Faces that speak yet say nothing

That look beyond what they see

Tired of being sidelined

For their voice is heard

Yet does not receive responses


Yes, I talk about violence

From generation to generation

Like a mathematical sequence

That has overridden the patience

And has resulted in the igniting and awakening

Of the feminine force


Women and girls are the subject

Of all sorts of violence

Physical, economical, internalized

Very numerous to mention

That I state a few of a few


Let’s imagine a world

Where women and men are given equal opportunities

Given the much desired love and support

To make the untapped significant contribution

To their households, society and country’s economy

Finally make Malawi, Africa and the world as whole

A living paradise

stop violencestop violencestop violence

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