That is why we say she must be treated with care,

Do her any harm?  A real man wouldn’t dare!

To make a good impression, just step out of her way!

And the most you should say is, “Hope you have a nice day.”


She’s our better half — of that you can’t deny,
so to rise up as a nation on her we must rely.

Thus, it’s not just about safe streets for everyone,

It’s about us as a people and getting together “on the One.”

I mean a nation that declares that “Violence we despise,”

For like Dr. King said non-violence makes our people rise!


So if you really contemplate on what life and love are all-about,

You’d know we’re here because of her and that’s no doubt.

She is the power that gave you birth,

That is why we call her mother, as in queen of the earth.

So stand up for her my brother because she’s the force that gave us life,

And whatever you do please don’t cause her any strife.


Yea we got to give our all to keep her safe and sound,

And when we do my brother the best of our people will abound.

Because Makewana’s Daughters are our lives from beginning to end

That’s why it’s so vital that her rights we defend


So if you simply take the time on the truth to reflect

Then you’d clearly understand why you must show her due respect


by Leon Miller

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