Strive to maintain relationships
Appreciate each other’s differences
Just as they are of opposite sex
So too are their minds and behaviour
Together they must proceed

One may be tight with money
Very economical in purchases
Spends only when necessary
The partner has a hole in their pocket
Jointly they must journey

One may be a stickler for time
When it’s business let it be
The other slack and often late
Delays the one who’s timely
Mutually they must continue

One likes to tidy up the house
Likes dishes and bed in order
The other leaves things shabby
A sock or a tie under the bed
Communally they must endure

One comes up with brilliant ideas
The other brings nothing sensible
May not even provide alternatives
May be a good implementer
Together they must proceed

With our partners’ strengths
We are a stronger couple
Our partner’s area of lack
Is our area of resources
The journey must continue

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