Have you ever conversed with the stars?
They tell the oldest stories, never lost in translation,
about all they have seen between each wink.

Have you ever slept on the ground
and listened to the earth?
it would tell you that the greatest men
barely dented the earth
and were felt no more.
It would tell you that the deepest prints
still roam the earth.
Have you ever conversed with the earth?

Have you ever spoken to the sea
and waited for its reply so it would tell you
what happens where the three points meet?
That it could reveal that under its waves are sands and earth
sprouting with plants you will never eat.
Has the sea deafened you with its boisterous laugh
as you claimed to have tamed it
believing you had read it
so you could ride it?
Have you ever spoken to the sea?

Have you ever smelled the air,
tasted its breath
and found something exotic there?
The air that quivers with flavours from days unknown,
regales of places long buried
and plants dreams in every one that breathes
to see more clearly
to question more keenly
to have more passion to live
to test, to discover, to know.

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