by Sarah Chikuni


I am a daisy; growing parallel to the sky,

I am bright and warm; catching everyone’s eye.

I am generous with what I have; and I never complain,

I was raised to be humble; and always share my gain




I am an orchid; with grace aplenty,

I am dainty and elegant; a vision of femininity.

Often my demeanour is taken for weakness; which is cancelled out by my wit,

Because though I am small; I possess numerous gifts.

I am a rose; whose petals are soft and smooth,

I am bold and passionate; quite stubborn to move.

I have thorns to protect me; from those who try to uproot my will,

But even in adversity; my spirit roars still.


I am a sunflower; strong and motivated,

I am hard working; and chase the sunrise for days on end.

I rise and fall with the sunrise; never staying on the ground,

For in hopes of a bright future; my will is found.

I am a flower child; I may feel shrivelled sometimes but never do I wilt,

When in doubt I still sing my songs with a joyous lilt.

I am a work in progress; and you will see soon,

That I am a flower child; and I am about to bloom.


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