First-prize winner, Makewana Poetry Competition

(Tsar Leo, “if money cannot sleep then I can’t go to bed”)

The breeze I breathe,

    Too hot. You can’t believe.

When I want to give up

I sure won’t survive.

Money is a bullet trap.



There I go …“Should I go?” tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow’s tomorrow.


“Should I try?”

Mm… I am a believer but …

About money I can’t be so sure



You tell yourself to be quiet,

Say what’s meant to be will be … movie? Quit!!

See you are so quiet that your vocals obey the theory of female silence

Say no offence. So you speak silence, voiceless.

But when you are so quiet speaks the father fear

When the start ends, the end goes further…

There is nothing like nothing.

Dear womb man, are you man? Only Human? I laugh.

Save the mystery, drop the history, go for victory.


Tsar Leo,

“If money cannot sleep then I can’t go to bed”

Womb men working ahead.

This is my first time, I hope I’m not allergic, I bet I am already addicted.

I once used a pen. So I won’t lack a penny.

Raise the temperature.

Real diamonds are made under pressure.

No time for leisure.

Because in my word, I am a pioneer

I go near and face the fear.

Some words are harsh for the ear but I will save the tear.

I am ready to suffer the pain.

To hell with procrastination.

My sleep is treasure.

Give me gold I will go to bed.

Tsar Leo.

Drop the fear


*Pistanthrophobia: the fear to trust  


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