Sooo, this other day a neighbor’s son was playing by our tap in the compound and there was water all over. I did not know this was happening until one of our neighbors commented,

” Tasiya madziwo, tatseka uchokenso pa mpopi po” – (Stop playing with the water, close the tap and move away from there.”

Then the neighbor continued “Mumaiwalatu mumaiwala, dzulo dzulo li tinalibe madzi lero mukungoseweretsa. Osamaiwala.”. (You forget very quickly; yesterday we did not have water. Today, the water is there and you are playing with it. Do not forget.)

I was inside the house, I sat on my bed and reflected on what the neighbor had said..

What hurt was the fact that we had struggled before the water came, we hadn’t had water for a number of days and now the water was here….. My question was how, how could this kid easily forget? Was it possible that he was celebrating that the water was finally here? Couldn’t he celebrate in a more responsible way?

Anyway the reason why I chose this story today is because, right here, right now, as I am writing this, I can’t stop thinking of the words my neighbor said “*We forget*”…..

The things we always wanted that we finally got, the people we ever wanted in our lives that are finally in our lives, the children that we always prayed for and then finally we are parents(the jobs, the clothes, the cars, the wealth)that we ever longed for and now it is all in our possession…. Why do we easily forget?*

Why do we easily take for granted the opportunities, the blessings, the people that God has finally put on our way.This honestly got me thinking, what is it? Ungratefulness?dissatisfaction?Enviousness?

And instead of us being thankful for the answered prayers that are there right before our very own eyes, we misuse them, mistreat them, and take them for granted.

This is not a threat but a reminder that a day will come when you will not have what you have now…And you will wish it had never gone. Nothing in this world will last forever.

Some of you needed this piece to consciously remind you of how blessed you are, to remind you of where God has brought you and how you ought to trust Him with where you are going.

Never forget the many good things that exist in your life.

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