Just last Friday, I had scheduled to meet up with a friend.  I had been on the night shift, so yes I was very tired but couldn’t rest properly until I had met my friend.


So I got home had an hour’s rest.  Soon afterwards she called, confirming  our meeting.  We then agreed that I was going to find her at her work place. What she did not know was that just after that call my phone battery got flat. Considering that we had already communicated, I left my phone and headed for town because I knew someone was waiting for me.


I got to her work place and learnt that she had just knocked off 3-5 minutes  earlier.  I must say I couldn’t believe it! I was frustrated and disappointed.

I started walking back to the bus stand and in my mind I had a lot of questions. She probably tried to reach me and noticed that I wasn’t picking up, maybe she tried to wait and later on gave up…… But why would she leave? I thought I had assured her that I was going to come??

And Just as I Thought about it, the Holy Spirit spoke right inside of me, “Mercy isn’t this what most of you Christians do?

Many are the times that God constantly assures us of His presence in our lives through His word and through the Spirit… He is always telling us that He knows the plans He has for us, telling us to be still and know that He is God, that He will never leave us nor forsake, that He never sleeps nor slumbers, that He sees all that concerns, that He is working everything for our Good, and that we should wait and see His salvation. And for some reason, just for some reason we doubt His word and doubt His assurance.

My friend might have doubted me because of the calls that I wasn’t picking up, she may have doubted my appearance simply because I was late, but I pray that you’ll never doubt God today in Jesus Name.

You may Pray so hard, So much, So devoted and earnestly seeking His face and still feel like God doesn’t get you, like you are just hitting some wall, like He is not hearing you and you may feel like God is just not seeing what you are going through or maybe He is taking time to respond to your interests but the truth of the matter is He is there, He has not even forgotten His word, He means just what He says in His word, believe His word hold on to His word.

Whatever it is that you are believing God for; a new job, your school fees, a partner in your life, a child, a promotion, a breakthrough in your ministry or anything that matters most to you. Do not doubt God.


Change your mindset today, God is not man that He should lie, He hears you and knows all that concerns you. Do not miss His mighty hand simply because you are tired of waiting, Do not find your way out just because you think He has forgotten all about you. Do not settle for less or miss the grand opportunity that God has for you. Trust Him.



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