By Mary Khumalo

The silence of the night
Dreadful feelings of fear
Anger of the butchers
In search of golden limbs
Twisted in agony of pain
When the throat is slitted
The silent cries
Of a mother who laboured
To birth a child
One that’s different
Named albino
She cries for safety
Considering the pain she felt
For it to be slaughtered
For its valuable parts
Deals are made
Victims chosen
Machetes sharpened
Buyers ready
Waiting for the time
When the prey falls into the trap
To be torn apart
By heartless savages
Cries from the mother
For her wasted time in labour
Cries from a father
For his lost cherished child
Cries from a wife
For she has lost her happiness
Blood has been spilled
Killer runs loose
Without a trace they go
In search for the next victim
To make more blood
To let families cry
Tears of blood.

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