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Her dance

By Nana M’bawa It wasn’t ours Her dance was a whirl A twirl A whirlwind which shook our dance Our dance had a beginning, and an end We didn’t know the roots of her dance And so she twirled, she whirled A lone dancer And...

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10 PM

By FLONNY SAIWA Second-prize winning short story in the 2020 Makewana’s Daughters Competition   My eyes fluttered open as I let them adjust to the rays of sunshine seeping through my curtains. My body was tingling,...

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Makewana’ s Daughters would like to take a moment to introduce you to our hard-working judges for this year’s competitions. Short story categoryProfessor Mpalive MsiskaProfessor Msiska is Senior Lecturer at the Birkbeck...

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