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Nerdy Niva: painful aesthetics

Makewana's Daughters

Make Tawo: the door-to-door vegetable seller

Makewana's Daughters

 MD: So everyone calls you Make Tawo. What is your  given name? MT (Laughs): My real name is Alinafe Bale. Of course, Bale is my husband’s name, so I’m actually Alinafe MD: So everyone calls
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That torn afternoon


  Once upon a bright afternoon It was the hands Shaped like talons Those hands, they clawed their way Through me, Tore at my face Tore my afternoon Tore my fairy-tale Tore at the ribbons
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Professor’s Daughter


by Chikondi Favoured Mlozi The trembling of my lips made shouting impossible. Not that it would have helped. My voice would have only echoed, bounced across the house and frightened me upon its return. No
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Have you seen the mountains today?


by Elita Chamdimba I didn’t know that the clouds could come down this low For the mountain that beckoned the clouds to come say ‘hello’ I didn’t know that the clouds dressed up in cotton
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