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Category: Literary works

Patching his patches



Mache Mwali Where is he The man of your house? Behind the door he roosts Patching his patches. Mache Mwali, listen Fetch the grass! Light the torch! Show him the path To his mother’s hut!
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How Silent are you



How silent are you? You come to take parents and relatives Leaving the children Crying In endless sorrow.   How silent are you? You enter a house Pluck people like you’re plucking leaves And you’re
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The first call/Army of termites

Makewana's Daughters


Slowly I watched it grow From a speck to a row Mesmerized I watched as they came One, two, three, four, scores and scores of them Fascinated I beheld them build it Fashion and mould
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These folks and their tales

Makewana's Daughters

By  A fly on the wall Oh, the stories you get to hear when you’re a fly on the wall! The trick is to be as quiet as possible, don’t even flutter your wings. Once
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