Category: Short story


He used to be her man. She dusts her house again. It doesn’t really need dusting, not after the thorough cleaning she has given it, but you never know. There might be dust lurking somewhere. He used to carry her with such ease,...

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By Priscilla Kanjirawaya I slightly move the curtain and a bright light illuminates my room. The sun must have risen a few hours ago. It is no surprise though that the sun had risen and is shining before I woke up. I see no...

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Death’s Contours

BY ASANTE LUCY MTENJE It is the summer just before the rains. The blouse I had worn that day clings stubbornly to my torso as I try to shift my tired body on the reed mat. My sister, who is lying next to me, looks at me as if to...

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A day with the government

When Chilungamo Kadzanja awoke that morning he had nothing, he knew nothing. He was the happiest man on earth. He had no wife, no child, no conscience, and no self consciousness. Chilungamo had no problems, no solutions, no...

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