Category: Short story

10 PM

By FLONNY SAIWA Second-prize winning short story in the 2020 Makewana’s Daughters Competition   My eyes fluttered open as I let them adjust to the rays of sunshine seeping through my curtains. My body was tingling,...

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by Agnes Munthali First prize winning short story in the  2020 Makewana’s Daughters competition                                            If I could fly back in time and redo all the things I had done, I...

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The Beauty in Scars

I was seven when she was born. The day her mum brought her from the hospital my mum became so harsh, filled with pain and sorrow. Her forehead was always wrinkled like she had aged to death. I could smell anger and distress in...

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CHITENJE by Alinafe Malonje

  First prize winner: Makewana  short story competition (2019)                                           Michael felt uneasy that afternoon. He felt tired and in a hurry all at once. He was sitting on the floor of his empty...

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He used to be her man. She dusts her house again. It doesn’t really need dusting, not after the thorough cleaning she has given it, but you never know. There might be dust lurking somewhere. He used to carry her with such ease,...

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