Let words rain and reign

Category: Poetry

The Poet Tree



The poet-tree I climb and clamber Searching, I fall, but I go back Climb again, Grasping at the branches of the poet-tree.   I breathe in the scent among the leaves Sometimes it’s like pine,
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The Impala



The Impala What is it in an Impala that triggers the most destructive urges in a lion? Is it the helplessness? Is the vulnerability? Is it the powerlessness? Or is it its futile efforts to
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Where does the money go?

Makewana's Daughters


You receive half a million at work But still struggle to get fees For the children Where does the money go?   You have a plot of houses in town But still live in a
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If I was a novel

Makewana's Daughters


If I was a novel I’d let you be the main character And let the theme be love. The setting would be our hearts.   If I was a novel I’d express your beauty with
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Patching his patches



Mache Mwali Where is he The man of your house? Behind the door he roosts Patching his patches. Mache Mwali, listen Fetch the grass! Light the torch! Show him the path To his mother’s hut!
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