Let words rain and reign

Category: Poetry

Makewana’s Daughters are the Queens of the Earth

Makewana's Daughters

  That is why we say she must be treated with care, Do her any harm?  A real man wouldn’t dare! To make a good impression, just step out of her way! And the most you should say is,
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That torn afternoon


  Once upon a bright afternoon It was the hands Shaped like talons Those hands, they clawed their way Through me, Tore at my face Tore my afternoon Tore my fairy-tale Tore at the ribbons
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Have you seen the mountains today?


by Elita Chamdimba I didn’t know that the clouds could come down this low For the mountain that beckoned the clouds to come say ‘hello’ I didn’t know that the clouds dressed up in cotton
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by Asante Lucy Mtenje   Yes, your eyes will bulge and even pop out of their socket, when what’s left of my tongue darts out those words, those words that should have pinned you to
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Saturday’s Streets


by Asante Lucy Mtenje   The thirsty kisses of red, black, green, silver, yellow bumpers, lined and scattered across the parched earth like patches of a worn out quilt.  

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