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Category: Poetry

CAUSE I KNOW by Faith Mtoso

Makewana's Daughters

Close those eyes but don’t close them tight Cause I know if you if you close them tight That I will never see you again   Hold my hand and hold it tight Cause I
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END VIOLENCE by Wongani Nyasulu

When I look around Further not only to what is around I see sad faces Faces that speak yet say nothing That look beyond what they see Tired of being sidelined For their voice is
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Don’t discriminate when it comes to friendships If you do, you may never broaden your mind Don’t segregate when instead you should make peace Segregation only destroys love but fuels war Don’t underestimate someone because
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I sat next to a man with a broken heart on the bus. I heard the ventricle doors Being slammed Off their hinges Strong valves rendered helpless As he held the photo of A smiling
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Knock and it shall be opened to you You will find freedom and joy too For God is awesome And invincible Always by your side In Him you shall abide So seek, child, and knock.
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