Jessie Sagawa holds a PhD in English from the University of New Brunswick, where she is currently  the Facilitator for the English Language Programme. Her MA is also from the University of New Brunswick. Her PhD Thesis, was entitled ‘Daughters of Makewana ’(2006) and she analysed the representation of women in Malawian novels written in English, and this was done via an interrogation of  colonial and patriarchal discourses. Sagawa has a BA from the University of Malawi, and has published  in several journals, including Postcolonial Text and Studies in Canadian Literature. Her  research interests include literacy and folklore.


Hendrina Kachapila-Mazizwa holds a PhD in History from the University of Dalhousie, Canada, which is where she also did her MA.  She is a lecturer in History at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College, Zomba.  She works and writes on women of Central Malawi, and their adaptability under changing patriarchal systems. Her area of specialisation. Her current area of interest is writing biographies of Malawian women.



Timwa Lipenga holds a PhD in French from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Her research interest is in ways of narrating memory in Anglophone and Francophone Literature in Africa.  She also has a Masters in English Literature (University of Malawi) and a Masters on Francophone Literature (Sorbonne).  She is currently a lecturer in French at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.


Esela Munthali is the Deputy Head of Classics, Chancellor College.  She has a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) degree with credit.  She started lecturing at the University of Malawi in 2008. She is also currently vice-chairperson of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi.


Emmanuel Ngwira holds a Ph.D from  Literature from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He has been a lecturer at the University of Malawi since 2004. His areas of specialisation include transnational literature, Malawian literature, and contemporary literature. He is the current patron of the Writers’ Workshop at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, and a Research associate with the English Department, Stellenbosch University.


Dr Ranka Primorac lectures at the Department of English, University of Southampton. She has degrees from the universities of Zagreb, Zimbabwe and Nottingham Trent. Her research interests are to do with African literatures and cultures (with emphasis on Southern Africa), narrative constructions of space-time, the social functioning of literary fictions, city cultures and texts and new cosmopolitanisms. She has written widely about Zimbabwe’s literary cultures. Among her book-length publications are The Place of Tears: The Novel and Politics in Modern Zimbabwe (2006), the co-edited (with JoAnn McGregor) Zimbabwe’s New Diaspora (2010) and the edited Africa’s City Textualities (2010). She sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Southern African Studies and The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. Together with Stephanie Newell, she co-edits Boydell and Brewer’s new African Articulations book series.


Rodney Likaku works for the Art and Global Health Centre in Malawi, and as a part-time Demonstrator at the University of Malawi (Chancellor College). His passion for Music and Literature led him to study for a double degree. As a student, he started the ‘Our Music’ programme, which offered music education for free to secondary school students in Zomba.


Dinah Katonda holds a Masters in Education Policy, Planning and Leadership. She strongly believes that poverty should be a motivation for a better future. She is mainly interested in underprivileged girls and women, more especially empowering them to have a positive attitude towards education regardless of age. Currently teaches history at the University of Malawi, and works in coordination with Graca Machel and Canon Collins Trust to empower young African women to African positions.



Evelyn Maseko is an events planner par excellence. She has been at the forefront in organising events which include the International Symposium on Gender and Law (2013). She has been a secretary at the University of Malawi for over 20 years and at the moment juggles a balancing act by working for two Departments at Chancellor College (Theology and French).

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