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I’ve never known you to be so callous You’ve bought the right I suppose, Among the ranks I am general Of those that lived unwell. “Cast your thoughts on your shame Your only hope is
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HELL NATURE By Yamikani Imbe

Makewana's Daughters

What good of you apart from life? You condemned me to hunger and tatters Trampled and ravished on my budding dreams.   Every fading day is my only happiness For I bitterly Dream riches And
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MISTAKE By Charity Mloza

Makewana's Daughters

She made a mistake She felt beautiful every time he was around She thought it was love so her ears she blocked He undressed her and she let him He ruined her future and she
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I KNOW I CAN by Esther Mbale

Growing up, I accepted what society gave me I accepted that women should lean on men It was normal seeing a man beat his wife I thought that was sign of a strength I accepted
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WHAT HE TOLD ME by Faith Mtoso

Makewana's Daughters

He told me He was  only a phone call away Yet when I called him I couldn’t reach him.   He told me he was only a breath away yet when I reached for him
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