Author: Makewana's Daughters

MISTAKE By Charity Mloza

She made a mistake She felt beautiful every time he was around She thought it was love so her ears she blocked He undressed her and she let him He ruined her future and she regretted it   She made a mistake For I was born and he...

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WHAT HE TOLD ME by Faith Mtoso

He told me He was  only a phone call away Yet when I called him I couldn’t reach him.   He told me he was only a breath away yet when I reached for him I could not feel him.   He told me I was his star Yet when I looked into the...

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CAUSE I KNOW by Faith Mtoso

Close those eyes but don’t close them tight Cause I know if you if you close them tight That I will never see you again   Hold my hand and hold it tight Cause I know if you don’t hold me tight That I will never see you again  ...

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The fact that your yesterday was a hard one does not determine your today. Yesterday is nothing but history. As we begin a new month, may you have the courage to face it differently, may it bring about greatness and success and...

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